Beauty Treatments Book

This video clip was taken during a women’s conference, and it gives an overview of each of the twelve beauty treatments that I write about in Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King. However, please excuse the bloopers. This video was taken by a phone, and many parts were cut off.


Do you know that feeling of wanting to be held by someone who loves you? Well my friends, the Beauty Treatments Book is crying out to be held and listened to. It has a funny way of letting me know that it has been sitting on it’s back for too long, and it is ready for glorious gymnastics. It wants to be flipped with faith and turned with trust, and it won’t stay silent until I flip it next to His best friend, the Bible.Beauty Treatment Retreat 003

This book is looking for friends who will hold it’s heart. It will walk with you into your destiny; it will hold your thoughts on the heavenlies. This little book will flip your foolishness and turn your life around, if you will only hold it in your hands and hear what it has to say.

You can find this book on any online store such as Amazon, Books a Million, Barnes and and you can purchase a signed copy of this book directly from me. What are you waiting for?



6 Responses to Beauty Treatments Book

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  3. Connie L. Smith says:

    Hi Jodie, I look forward to the retreat in March in Ohio!

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  4. Kimberly Durocher says:

    Hi Jodie! Love you’re blog…

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