Day 19 of Chartering the Unknown

The word yesterday was HONOR.

I am participating in a 31 day challenge to bloggers everywhere to write for five minutes everyday in October. This challenge was issued by Kate Motaung’s link up. Join me everyday as I chart our progress (in 5 minutes) on the unknown adventure with a known God.



Well I messed up my challenge to get a post out everyday. 🙂 Please forgive me. Yesterday was a busy day coming home from Florida, and we got stuck at the airport for a little while longer than we wanted. But yesterday’s word was HONOR, and I want to take the opportunity to honor my parents.

Honor your father and mother” Ephesians 6:2

While I was away on the cruise and Florida, my dad watched my son Daniel the whole time, which was a total of 9 days. My dad has never had the opportunity to watch my children before so this was a little bit challenging for him, but thankfully they both survived. 🙂 My dad and I have not always had the best of times, but in the past 5 or 6 years our relationship has really gotten closer. I am cherishing the moments that we learn new things about each other. I honor my dad. He is a wise man. He cares deeply about so much and I love him. He may be a little grumpy at times, but he sure is funny all the same.

After picking up Daniel from my dad’s and heading back to Toledo, we went to my mother’s for the night. We were able to spend some time with her and rest for the day. My mom is also a blessing and I honor her as well. She gives so much. She is always there for me, and anyone else who needs something. If she has it, she will give it.


I love both my parents and hold them in high esteem. Thanks mom and dad!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we get busy.



About Jodie Dye

Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, Jodie has made Bradenton, FL her home since October 2015. A former gang member and drug addict who had lost all hope of living, Dye felt the Lord calling her to follow him on Sept. 1, 1992. She has been following Jesus Christ for over 25 years with a greater addiction than she had with drugs. Her life testifies that God can create beauty from the hopeless cases in today’s society. What the enemy meant for her demise, God turned everything around and all things became new in her life. Bill and Jodie Dye married in October 10, 2010. They have three children each, making their lovely family a model of the brady bunch. Her calling is to prepare the Church for the coming of Jesus Christ. She is very passionate about helping people inside the Church walls to know their identity in Christ so they can be better equipped to live out what they believe. She has written four books with the focus on this preparation. Her book called Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King helps the Bride of Christ prepare to meet King Jesus for when He returns. Jodie directs and hosts Beauty Treatment retreats, workshops and conferences. She has also been a speaker at various women's events and conferences. For more information on the next retreat, please visit
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