Chunky Pieces of Self

How stubborn can we be? How stiff-necked must we be, before we just really let go and let God handle all of our problems?


Twice a year I host beauty treatment retreats where the focus is on inner beauty. However, the ladies take part in physical beauty treatments to draw a connection to the spiritual side of us. Because the spirit world is unseen, it is often a neglected area our life.

At our beauty treatment retreats we have a massage workshop. During our one hour class the ladies are given a 15 minute massage and then they are to challenged to think on a different level in their life, on how they can begin to allow the Lord to break up some of the chunky pieces of self. They are challenged to let go of some hard issues like control.

Interestingly this workshop is not in my book. This workshop was developed from part of the teaching of the beauty treatment of detoxing and part of stretching, but massaging was a new concept that was birthed from doing retreats. It seems to be a favorite. I mean really who wouldn’t want a massage? Who doesn’t want to be loosed and freed from the pain of tight muscles and knots that kink and cause stiffness?

I love word pictures. I like to connect the physical with the spiritual. The massage therapist has studied the human body and knows the pressure points of relief. They are skilled in finding the knots and decreasing them to nothing. Likewise our heavenly Masseuse knows how to apply the right amount of pressure to get into the deep tissues or issues of your heart.

I heard this quote once and it stuck with me, “When the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change, then change will occur.” This is so true. This is exactly how the Master Masseuse works His hands into your life. He allows us to keep making the same mistakes until we have had enough of ourselves. When we get to the point of realizing that the control we try to take is ruining us, then the relief will come. Most of the time, we don’t even go to the Masseuse unless there is some type of pain that we are seeking relief from.

There are many benefits of a physical massage. It will improve your posture and circulation; increase your flexibility; produce a calm mind; and reduce anxiety and tension. When we submit to the massage of the Holy Spirit we reap all the benefits in our heart. We can stand up straighter as we walk heavenward on the straight and narrow path. We can increase the blood flow of the whole BODY of Christ, becoming effective in ministry to others. We are given a peace that is beyond understanding as we are made pure and holy through repentance.

The Lord has to break up those chunky pieces of self that are in the “Nots of rebellion” so that you will be much more pliable to the work He wants to do in your heart.

Dear God,

Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life.

Remover the will not’s, the can not’s and the do not’s I have in my mind.

Erase the will not’s, may not’s and might not’s that may find a home in my heart.

Release me from the could not’s, would not’s and should not’s that obstruct my life.

Most of all Lord, I ask you that you remove from my mind, my heart and my life all of the am not’s that I have allowed to hold me back from YOU!

In Jesus Name, amen.

NOTS written by Jamie Phillips

About Jodie Dye

Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, Jodie has made Bradenton, FL her home since October 2015. A former gang member and drug addict who had lost all hope of living, Dye felt the Lord calling her to follow him on Sept. 1, 1992. She has been following Jesus Christ for over 25 years with a greater addiction than she had with drugs. Her life testifies that God can create beauty from the hopeless cases in today’s society. What the enemy meant for her demise, God turned everything around and all things became new in her life. Bill and Jodie Dye married in October 10, 2010. They have three children each, making their lovely family a model of the brady bunch. Her calling is to prepare the Church for the coming of Jesus Christ. She is very passionate about helping people inside the Church walls to know their identity in Christ so they can be better equipped to live out what they believe. She has written four books with the focus on this preparation. Her book called Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King helps the Bride of Christ prepare to meet King Jesus for when He returns. Jodie directs and hosts Beauty Treatment retreats, workshops and conferences. She has also been a speaker at various women's events and conferences. For more information on the next retreat, please visit
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